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The STC-Group, with its home base in the Mainport Rotterdam, offers education, consultancy and applied research to the the logistics sector, shipping, maritime and port-bound industries.


In the Netherlands, the activities of the STC-Group form an integral and inseparable part of the shipping, port and transport sector. For that reason the STC-Group is the only college in the country to be given the subtitle “vocational school for shipping and logistics” by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.


The main task of the STC-Group is to provide vocational education and courses for young people and adults who are interested in working, or are already employed, in the dynamic world of transport. Operational port work or administrative, purely technical or more regulatory, as navigating officer or driver, as dredger or shipping agent, as process operator or fisherman. In principle the possibilities are endless, not only in the Netherlands, but throughout the world.


The STC-Group offers a complete package of vocational education, consultancy services, applied research and customized training. For these purposes, the STC-Group takes full advantage of its Simulator Park, which is unique in the world.